"जब हमारा शहर बनेगा डिजिटल ,तभी तो हमारा देश होगा डिजिटल "-डिजिटल गाज़ियाबाद


Durga Bhabhi-THE Freedom Fighter OF Ghaziabad


Durga Bhabhi, born on October 7, 1907 shoud never be treated as a forgotten revolutionary. She played a very important role during the freedom struggle movement in India. Her real name was Durgavati Devi and she was married to Bhagvati Charan Vohra. She always had a tremendous influence on Ashfaqullah, Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad. Posed herself as the wife of Bhagat Singh, put her son Sachin in his lap and accompanied him and Rajguru from Lahore to Calcutta in train after Saunders murder. Contributed Rs. 3000 by selling her ornaments and other belongings of value for rescue of Bhagat Singh and others under trial. She tried to kill Lord Hailey after Bhagat Singh surrender after bomb throwing in 1929.

Lord Hailey escapes but many of associates died. She was imprisoned for three years. Post Independence, people forgotten her. Though her earlier life was thrilling, later she lived in anonymity and exclusion after independence. In the last decade of life, people discovered her living in Ghaziabad then she started getting regular honor from Delhi government. She died at age of 92 in Ghaziabad on the night of 14th & 15th Oct 1999.